Sara Lindley


Sara was born and raised in Memphis, TN.  She was ballet dancer from age 3 until age 14 when her scoliosis became severe enough to require corrective surgery with two metal rods.  After college, she moved to a big city working 50-60 hour weeks.  Working at a desk left Sara with chronic back and neck pain and in physical therapy. Yuck! Desk life was not for her- a practitioner of yoga on and off since college, Sara was finally called to do yoga teacher training at Southern Om in their inaugural class after realizing yoga not only strengthened her back and helped relieve her chronic back pain, it also strengthened her mind.  She now knows how to live in the current moment and the importance of that; how to stop judging herself so she can stop judging others; to let go of what she is clinging to and open her heart; to continue her spiritual evolution by removing the blockages that cause fear; and most importantly to cut herself some slack!  Being a wife and mother has left Sara feeling depleted at times in the past and now thanks to her yoga training and her own amazing teachers she knows how to keep her back strong and is confident in her ability to calm her own mind with a smile on her face!

Sara is certified through the Yoga Alliance RYT-200 and has 18 additional hours of Trauma Sensitive Yoga training under her belt and plans to be not only a teacher but a student of yoga for life!