Susan L. Cannon, RYT200, Certified Clinical Aromatherapist Practitioner (CCAP)

Hi I’m Susan! I am a yoga instructor, RYT200, and a Level 2 (NAHA) Approved, Professional Aromatherapist.  I study, practice and teach a variety of mind-body modalities and advocate an individualized, self-care practice that includes a variety of tools. My journey with yoga began when I was 14 years old through finding library books in my southern town library.  I began intensive yoga training with two consecutive 200 level teacher trainings. I have worked with children through seniors as well as beginning and advanced practitioners.

I have specialized training in offering trauma informed yoga classes  through TCTSY, the world’s only yoga program to be listed as evidence-based for the treatment of complex psychological trauma.  Our educational experience included the latest in trauma theories and neurophysiology as well as the underpinnings and methodology of TCTSY.  Each GIFT yoga class holds the intention to help individuals feel their body in a safe, comfortable space. We will explore through mindful breath, gaze, strengthening and lengthening, and ending with rest.  Participants are there to have her/his own experience and to create present moment awareness within the body.

I am a professional aromatherapy educator with a holistic aromatherapy certification and additional clinical aromatherapy training. I am the Regional Director of South Carolina- National Association for Holistic Aromatherapy ( which is a 501(3)C educational, non-profit organization. I became a Registered Aromatherapist (Aromatherapy Registration Council) in 2011 (2011-2016). My scope of work includes creating individual blends for safe and effective use based on an individual’s history, age, and health status. I also specialize in signature blends for studios. I share through classes and workshops the use of essential oils (the modality of aromatherapy) to community groups, studios, healthcare systems, etc.  Each workshop is ideal for the beginner to learn how to use essential oils effectively, safely, and sustainably. I have a Bachelor of Applied Science from Middle Tennessee State University.