Mariel Cheek

When you love what you are doing you are not working, but simply living life fully!

My living fully looks like this…

At GIFT, for ease of conversation, I am called a Massage Therapist and Wellness Coach. While I am certified in both areas, I do so much more. When giving massage, I may integrate some Cranial Sacral 1, Reiki, essential oil treatments, and basic Ortho-bionomy. Being trauma informed, I use my skills, education, and intuition to guide me.

As a Wellness Coach, I offer one on one support to any selected area of your life and walk beside you as you make changes. I enjoy being a group facilitator (i.e. Gifts of Imperfection, Resilience 101, and more), teacher (i.e. Reiki, essential oils), and workshop facilitator (i.e. Radical Forgiveness, Healthy Boundaries, and more) as well.

At home, I am a proud doggie mama of two sweet rescues named Harley and Dakota. I enjoy spending time with my buddy/hubby who gifted me in marriage a bonus daughter. We enjoy riding motorcycle, camping, gardening, exploring, hiking, being playful and learning from each other. When alone, you might find me painting and listening to an eclectic collection of music. I also enjoy reading, Yoga, meditating, creating something, and somehow feeding my love for learning. With all that being said, a Netflix binge is sometimes in the mix, not to mention, the occasional water fight or dancing in the kitchen. My next goal is to learn to play a song on my guitar.

In the Past, I fully enjoyed 18 years of teaching special education in the public school system (several years with teens labeled with varying exceptionalities in FL, and some years with teens labeled with Autism in CO). Daily, I felt drawn to weave in personal development and practical life skills into my lessons. I came to find that my students were often my greatest teachers. In addition to teaching, I also have owned my own wellness/massage practice, and spent some time as a wellness coach and group facilitator at a mental health facility in Boulder, CO.

In my heart, I have always felt spiritually/divinely guided. I believe that is how I have come to land at GIFT.  I continually work towards what I imagine LOVE to be. I often fail (that human glitch) but having great role models both personally and historically has surely been helpful in guiding me.

I have come to believe this, like the butterfly that pushes itself through the cocoon, the struggles in life is what gifts us depth, beauty and allow us to fly as we age. My struggles have been my greatest teachers, and the loving supporters that showed up have been plentiful. They have inspired me to do the same.

I have come to know that it is nothing short than a complete honor when another trusts me to support them towards wellness be it in a massage, coaching, a workshop, group, or class. I see these moments as a dance with the client leading the steps. I am genuinely humbled and delighted when a client taps into their inherent wisdom, and I lovingly get to be a witness.

So you see, it is not work for me at all, it is a blessing to live life fully!

And …Se habla español!