June, also known as Pride Month, offers a remarkable opportunity for introspection, allowing us to embrace the pride we hold for ourselves and our communities. Initially, the Gilbert Baker pride flag had eight colors, each carrying significant meaning. Hot pink symbolized sex, red embodied life, orange represented healing, yellow evoked the warmth of sunlight, green was synonymous with nature, turquoise embodied magic and art, indigo conveyed serenity, and violet symbolized the spirit of the LGBTQ+ community.

Today, the progressive pride flag consists of six colors, integrating additional hues to embrace inclusion, diversity, and the transgender community. To practice mindfulness and celebrate pride, we can engage in meditations that encompass each of the six primary colors of the pride flag. Embrace the power of these meditations, exploring the colors of diversity and celebrating Pride.

Red for the color of life: During this meditation, envision your heart as the source of a radiant sphere of light. Watch as the sphere expands, encompassing your entire body. Let the sphere grow to envelop your surroundings, from your home to your neighborhood and even the universe.

Orange for healing: Take this time to focus on the aspects of yourself that require extra care and healing. As you meditate, turn inward and listen to the needs of your body, soul, and mind. Pay attention to the sensations in your body and the emotions that arise, offering them the attention and healing they deserve.

Yellow for the sun: June is the perfect time to meditate in the sun! Find a comfortable spot in the sun, and visualize its rays gently reaching down to you. Feel the warmth cover your entire body, from the crown of your head to the tips of your toes.

Green for nature: I invite you to venture to your favorite outdoor location for this meditation. Go to your local park, Paris Mountain, a new segment of the Swamp Rabbit Trail, or your backyard. If you are able, you may engage in a walking meditation. Focus on the feeling of every step. What does the bottom of your foot feel like as you step towards or away from the ground? What do you notice about your surroundings? You can also practice this meditation on a bench or chair.

Blue for serenity: As you sit for this meditation, envision an image, person, or location that brings you peace. As you breathe, bring your attention to the details of the image. Are there any smells, sensations, or sounds related to your visualization? As your mind wanders, ground yourself in breath and your peaceful vision.

Violet for spirit: For this meditation, I invite you to focus on spirit. This can be a focus on something greater than ourselves, a religious or spiritual practice, or the spirit within. Consider incorporating prayer or a mantra as an anchor for your meditation, allowing your spirit to guide you on this introspective journey.

Additional Resources:
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Lane Mayfield, M.Ed., Ed.S., LPC-A

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