What is wellness?

According to the National Institute of Wellness, wellness is defined as “an active process through which people become more aware of and make choices toward a more successful existence.” Further, it is a “conscious, self-directed, and an evolving process of achieving full potential. It is multidimensional and holistic, encompassing lifestyle, mental and spiritual well-being, and the environment is both positive and affirming.”

“The part can never be well unless the whole is well.”

– Plato

Discover your best self at GIFT.

what is:

Massage Therapy

At GIFT we believe that massage therapy, provided in a safe, professional environment, can benefit both body and mind. By removing physical stress, massage can relax the muscles and still the mind. We offer Integrated Therapeutic Massage, which combines several methods, including Swedish, Deep Tissue and Trigger Point therapies in a session designed to meet your needs. We also offer Prenatal massage for those in their second or third trimesters of pregnancy.

what is:


The term “yoga” literally means to unite. AT GIFT Counseling Center for Wellness, LLC, we offer yoga as a means to unite the mind, body and spirit network. It is our goal for clients to reach their highest potential through this unity. We want you to fold your mind into your heart, seeing life through a different lens as you gain clarity and awareness of your body through breath and movement. Our goal is to also cultivate self -love and a sense of wholeness.