Guiding Individuals & Families Through Trauma

Our Why

Living well is experiencing love (for self and others), connection, balance, joy, and health of mind, body and spirit. Living well happens when we live mindfully and possess life strategies and practices that allow us to express our authenticity, live in love versus fear, use our voice to speak our truth, stand in our power for the greater good, and experience freedom of our soul to achieve our life’s purpose.

Experiencing chronic or traumatic stress can be overwhelming and interferes with our ability to live well. When traumatic stress is not integrated, we experience dis-ease in our mind and body. Traumatic stress impacts our ability to feel safe, our capacity to love and accept ourselves, to trust, and to feel a sense of power and control.

GIFT serves as a model for changing how we think about stress, trauma, and mental wellness by teaching people about mindfulness and the practice of living in a state of active, open attention on the present, which allows us to self-heal and live a better life.

We’re Growing!

GIFT is thrilled to welcome several new providers to our team. Click below to learn more about this talented group of women.

Who We Are

GIFT is an integrative health practice that specializes in healing traumatic stress and cultivating mind-body-spirit wellness. Our mission is to help our clients and community understand the connection between healing trauma and achieving optimal mental, emotional, physical and spiritual health. We are committed to teaching our clients the power of self-healing through the mind-body-spirit connection and integrating mindful practices in their lives so that they live more intentionally, authentically, and joyfully.


Our counseling services are here to provide a safe and therapeutic environment for client’s to begin their healing journey.


Involvement in our growing city is a way to unite individuals. Stay updated on ways to give back to the community.


GIFT offers a range of wellness services to our clients and the public in conjunction with our therapeutic services.

Introducing: Elevate Wellness Collaborative

An integrative healing and wellness collaborative at GIFT. 

All-Inclusive Rental Space & Membership Opportunities Coming Soon!

Monthly networking events, member pricing for training facilities, referral partnership with GIFT, promotions on website, and retail opportunity.