Guiding Individuals & Families
Through Trauma


We believe continuity of your care is a priority, so we’re proud to offer teletherapy via a HIPAA compliant system or phone sessions to those of you who need to self-quarantine or limit public exposure.

Who We Are

GIFT is an integrative health practice that specializes in healing traumatic stress and cultivating mind-body-spirit wellness.

Our Mission

Our mission is to help our clients and community understand the connection between healing trauma and achieving optimal mental, emotional, physical and spiritual health. We are committed to teaching our clients the power of self-healing through the mind-body-spirit connection and integrating mindful practices in their lives so that they live more intentionally, authentically, and joyfully.


Our counseling services are here to provide a safe and therapeutic environment for client’s to begin their healing journey.


Involvement in our growing city is a way to unite individuals. Stay updated on ways to give back to the community.


GIFT offers a range of wellness services to our clients and the public in conjunction with our therapeutic services.

Latest News

Whether it be events in the community, trainings, or new/important topics; find research, resources and GIFT’s latest information here.


As a nation and across the world, we have now experienced at least two months living in a pandemic. For everyone, this is a “first.” There is no blueprint or book on what choices to make and how to live through it. This simple fact can feel shocking to our minds and...

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Wonderfully Read’s Community Book Drive

Wonderfully Read’s Community Book Drive

WHY A BOOK DRIVE FROM THE FOUNDER OF WONDERFULLY READ "Since the announcement of school closures in South Carolina yesterday I can’t stop thinking about children who will be experiencing hardships from now until August. Too many children in our world do not have...

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A Sacred Invitation

A Sacred Invitation

We are all asking ourselves what is going to happen in these uncertain times? What are we going to do? How are we going to handle all the changes we are having to make in response to this pandemic? Not having the answers to these questions creates stress for most...

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